Kenya’s Trending #EyeWitnessChallenge: See Top Pictures

Kenya’s Trending #EyeWitnessChallenge: See Top Pictures

Here are the Pictures from Kenya #EyewitnessChallenge , Trending Now On Facebook and Twitter , so Join and be part of the #EyewitnessChallenge , Is Now Trending …

We speak with the meme’s originator and ask “has Cyrus Kabiru done the #EyewitnessChallenge yet?”

If you hang out on the goofy fringes of Kenyan social media like we do, you will have been inundated with images from the #EyewitnessChallenge, a meme dedicated to mocking a man who shows up at disaster sites with a unique pair of futuristic sunglasses.

Picture Below

It started when Kenyan television news interviewed a man at the scene of the the October 21, Nakuru plane crash. A few days later, the man popped up on TV again as an eyewitness to the car accident that claimed the life of Nyeri Governor, Wahome Gakuri. But rather than dwell on a somewhat creepy coincidence, Kenyans were drawn more to the man’s odd choice of facial accessories.


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